Upholstery Services in Beverly Hills, CA

Cleaning upholstery is one of the most difficult tasks for many cleaners. If you don’t do it right, you can ruin your customer’s furniture and their carpet! That is why we have developed a process that will save our customers time and money by keeping custom furniture clean and looking new.

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaning provides professional upholstery services for both residential and commercial customers. We have been in the business for decades, providing top-quality furniture upholstery service to all of our clients. One of our specialties is upholstery cleaning and repairs, which we offer at a discounted rate! After a long day at work, wouldn’t you rather come home to a clean home?

What is custom upholstery?

Custom upholstery is where the fabric was chosen by the client specifically for their furniture, not purchased from a retailer. Because of this, when it comes to cleaning services like upholstery cleaning in Beverly Hills CA, you must choose someone who understands what they are doing! Our team of professionals at Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaning has extensive experience in custom upholstery and will be able to get your upholstered custom furniture looking brand new again with our professional upholstery cleaning service. We can even provide Scotchgard™ protection on all fabrics after we complete the restoration services job so stains don’t stand a chance against your favorite couch or chair ever again!

How to know when your upholstery needs professional cleaning

Odor: If your furniture upholstery such as cushions, chairs, seats, and couches starts to smell funny, there is a good chance that the fabric has absorbed some unpleasantness over time. This can be cleaned out with professional restoration services in Beverly Hills CA.

Stains: If your upholstery has visible stains such as wine, oil, or coffee spills than it is time for a professional cleaning! Professional upholstery services have the right equipment to deep clean your furniture and even protect against future staining with Scotchgard™ protection.

Webbing: If your chairs, seats, and couches are looking saggy, it might be due to broken webbing underneath the cushions of the sofa. Though this isn’t too difficult for us to repair during our upholstery cleanings, you should call upholstery services before things get worse! Our cleaning upholstery technicians will fix any loose parts and give your couch new life again when they make their visit for an affordable price.

Spotting: Upholstery spotting is a more serious problem and can happen if your upholstered furniture gets wet repeatedly without enough time to dry. This will create mildew on the surface of your couch or chair, which can be dangerous for anyone with allergies or breathing problems. If you notice this happening, it’s best to call our cleaning and repairs services right away so we can take care of the issue before it worsens!

Pet Hair: Everyone has a pet that they love, but even the most adored dog or cat can leave their mark on your upholstery. We recommend getting this issue fixed as soon as possible with our professional cleaning service to make sure you don’t get any permanent stains from furry friends!

Discomfort: When you feel like your furniture isn’t as comfortable as it used to be, there is a chance that the fabric has begun to break down over time. It might also mean that their padding has become compressed and no longer provides enough support for sitting or laying on top of it. You can fix this by calling our upholstery cleaning and repairs team in Beverly Hills CA so we can give them new life again with our professional job!

Different types of upholstery need different cleaning methods

Different types of upholstery need different cleaning methods. Some stains are more difficult to remove than others, and some materials can be damaged by certain chemicals or too much heat during the process. The most common type of fabric used for furniture include synthetic fibers – This category includes nylons, polyesters, acetates, and acrylics, as well as rayon from wood pulp. It is a good idea to always test your cleaner on an inconspicuous corner first before applying it everywhere this type of fabric coverings may have been used in order to make sure they will not fade or change color when exposed to water-based cleaners such as shampooers. The best way do so is with a damp white cloth after allowing the cleaner to sit on the area for a couple of minutes.

Another common type is polyurethane foam upholstery, which can be found in sofas and chairs. It requires much less maintenance than the previous category because it does not absorb liquids or spills quite as easily. You should still spot test your cleaning product before applying it everywhere to make sure that you will not damage its surface finish by using too strong chemicals or abrasives when scrubbing stains away. The best way to do this is with water only since very few cleaners are designed specifically for this kind of fabric covering if any at all! Leather furniture also needs special care when being cleaned, but generally speaking there are fewer issues involved compared to other fabrics used for upholstering. It is best to spot test the leather surface first with a damp cloth just in case, then proceed by carefully scraping off any loose dirt in the leather furniture that may have accumulated over time if it does not come up easily without too much force being applied.

Why you should consider our furniture repair shop for all of your upholstery needs?

As a family owned, we’re the only upholstery cleaning and repairs service in Beverly Hills CA that is AAA approved, which means we know what it takes to get your furniture looking brand new again. We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work so you don’t have to worry about anything after making an appointment with us!

When should I schedule my custom upholstery clean?

If any of these six problems seem like something your furniture might be experiencing, then it’s time for some professional quality cleaning services from the team at Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaning. Call us today at +123-4567-890 for a free estimate!