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The best rug cleaning firm that’s been cleaning various types of rugs, oriental carpets and upholstery across the greater Los Angeles area. Our professional strategy and staff of highly trained technicians familiar with the highest standards. We meet and exceed our customers’ expectations, whether the job is large or small. Our dedication to giving the most effective personal care for each job has led to thousands of happy clients.

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We offer professional deep cleansing and sanitation for carpets, rugs, hardwood flooring and upholstery in both Beverly Hills and surrounding towns. Our award-winning carpet cleaning, area rug cleaning services illustrate our responsiveness to each client’s requirements. They also reflect our dedication to quality workmanship, a value that’s backed by our 30-day, 100 percent clean Guarantee. At Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaning Company, we believe in building long-term customer relationships, and we understand those relationships start and end with outstanding customer services. Try us today out and see the results.

Carpet Cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning 2

Carpet Cleaning

For over a decade we’ve supplied Los Angeles with sanitising and cleaning tens of thousands of carpets. Carpets have and are a widespread floor surface that occasionally has to be cleaned after years of high volume traffic and the occasional spill.
The Process
Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaning professionals use convenient hot-water Extraction machines. This process of cleaning is broadly called “steam-cleaning”. This is definitely the most popular strategy and is generally recommended with carpet cleaners. Once our carpet cleaning technician arrives into your residence, qualifies your carpeting and decides the pricing, he’ll begin the cleaning procedure. Once preconditioning the carpeting and letting it reside, we start the real process by shoving warm water with dilute deodoriser into your carpet and instantaneously pumping it out with both 2 and 3 -stage vacuum cleaner. That’s it; it is that easy. Afterwards, your tech will notify you and counsel you on the tender moment.
Non-toxic & Organic
Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners Utilizes the best Environmental-friendly cleaning agents, on the industry. We are dedicated to assisting you to keep your house free from pet hair, dust mites, and other harmful contaminants that live on your carpet, rugs and upholstery. We utilise eco-friendly cleaning products for your wellbeing and wellness. Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners ensures complete professional care for all of your carpet, upholstery and carpeting needs. Our top of the line merchandise, produced in the USA, will continue to keep your carpet, carpets and upholstery cleaner much longer than a simple powder alternative.
Residential & Commercial
Additionally to residential carpet, upholstery and Rug Cleaning, Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners ensures adorable carpet cleaning services to keep the bright look, colour and lifespan of your carpet.
Rug Cleaning
rug cleaning

Rug Cleaning

We provide our customers with the choice to either leave the rugs for cleaning or, let’s us pick up and return them. Our skilled professionals have been trained to wash and care for the rugs with the utmost of care. Each rug is treated with special care and also our 4 step cleaning method is customised for each particular sort of fibre, including whether artificial or natural, such as cotton, wool, jute, silk, polyester, nylon, oil and much more. We’re totally ready to restore and clean any rug, regardless of what size, or how soiled.
The Cleaning Process
Upon receiving a carpet, we instantly remove all insoluble Soils using a high-powered vacuum cleaner. We make sure that to remove as much dry dust as possible beforehand making it wet to prevent wicking, and that’s when lands resurface after cleaning. Our facility has an abundant water source and is well-powered, permitting us to utilise as much water required to make each rug as clean as possible while also correcting the pressure and heat of the water to the needed temperature. After the cleaning procedure is thorough, we focus on any particular issues the carpet may have, mainly removing spots or stains and awful odour. We hand-remove any spots or stains to the best possible results utilising proper chemicals and techniques. But scents that smell mostly bad because of urine, pets, poop, or any other protein-based substance such as blood, beverages, or food, are given additional attention and can all be removed.
Packaging and Returning
Once your carpet is totally dry, we’ll do a closing review to be sure certain spots, stains and odours are handled as best as possible. After passing inspection, we then roll it up and wrap it in a manufacturing strength plastic and hermetically cover. We’ll call you when your rug is complete for pick up or schedule a delivery date and time to return it.
Scotchgard Protector​

Scotchgard Protector

If you are unfamiliar with Scotchgard, it is a thin coating of protectant we employ to carpeting, rugs and upholstery to ward off from stains. Look closely at using the phrase”thin” since it may defend you against many episodes, but do not attempt to check its durability using a bottle of Robert Mondavi.
Protect what is Crucial
Whether You’ve Got a household with kids and pets if you are a Beautiful single man like me that always spills his beer after a long day on the job Scotchgard might not be advisable to put money into.
Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners knows the worth of your services, and that is why we are devoted to the modern cleaning methods of upholstery cleaning. Our best shelf, the non-toxic cleanup option will continue to keep your furniture cleaner more. Upholstery cleaning demands immense care executed by a knowledgeable and skilled technician. In addition to rugs and carpets, we utilise precisely the exact same 4-step cleaning procedure for upholstery. Our noninvasive cleaning solution is safe for children and pets also environmentally friendly.
The Process
From synthetics, like rayon, to naturals, for example, linen, we provide a non-toxic cleaning option for upholstery since we utilise rugs. We vacuum genuinely well then gently apply preconditioner around the surface of the cushions and upholstery and cushions. We then make use of our steam cleaning system which dispenses hot steam to the cloth to deodorise it and then extract debris. This material is sprayed using a wand which also functions as a vacuum which sucks out all of the contaminants in the kind of moisture.
Dry Cleaning Alternative
We also offer an alternate, dry Process to cleaning Upholstery which people use for delicate mattresses and fabrics. This procedure is used mostly to remove dust mites, that, but are more prevalent in beds, which are incredibly typical in upholstery too. Please consult with this mattress page to learn more on this technique.
Air Duct Cleaning
Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

Air pollution in a home could be two to five times greater than levels in outside air. What many homeowners do not see is that your air ducts, basically in continuous usage, always collect pollen, dust, dirt, debris, and pet dander and allergens during the entire year. As time passes, this constant recirculation of air may lead to a build-up of pollutants from air ducts. These contaminants can cause asthma and allergies, undermining the quality of air which you breathe. When air ducts are not cleaned occasionally, contamination pops and sticks on the faces of the ducts, so which makes it rather hard to eliminate.
The Process
Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners Presents professional air-duct cleaning and sanitation to produce your air quality secure. Our innovative cleaning procedure starts with the elimination of your register covers and covering the ground and walls close to those areas since they might get filthy.
At that stage, we extract and interrogate dirt, dirt, germs, and other contaminants using all our innovative air duct cleaning system. The vacuum finish is connected to a jet which destroys all debris inside your ducts. This highly efficient suction equipment basically vacuums years of accumulated dust out of the air ducts, which makes them clean and clean.
Following the ducts are pristine and appear glistening, we log them having an EPA-Registered anti-microbial mist which leaves a sweet fresh scent. After completed, our technicians to remove all gear and ensure your ducts and HVAC apparatus have been restored to their former state.
Mattress Cleaning
Mattress Cleaning 2

Mattress Cleaning

You spend time in your mattress with dust mites than at anything else on your life. Dust mites are why you remain up throughout the night only because they cause itchy, itchy skin, and disorders. As blank as the sheets might be, dust mites nevertheless multiply since they live by swallowing skin which we discard. Mattresses are definitely the busiest living area having a life span of 15-20 decades. We spend hours each day sleeping in our mattress, which means 1/3rd our own lives are vulnerable to the germs and germs in our beds. These mites are causes for allergies and asthma, meaning that a regular mattress reshaping is critical to prevent such reactions. However fresh the mattress is also, it will still include dust mites. The One Thing That changes among mattresses is that the degree of contamination of fleas
The Process
Mattresses are delicate and should be maneuvered or cared for. Also, they can’t get moist as it will bring germs and lead to mould, resulting in the permanent blot. The actual procedure, however, is Swift and easy with minimal gear and proper method. Matthew, Innovative process which can leave your mattress without any dust mites and appearing Brand-new within a quarter hour. We remove any stains or spots which are Noticeable about the bed utilising appropriate non-toxic substances. Once those are we could start the sanitation procedure.
Hardwood Cleaning
Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners offers professional hardwood flooring deep cleansing to occupants in Los Angeles to get reasonable rates. Though we clean rugs, hardwood flooring is growing more prevalent in all sorts of dwellings. Even though a sturdy surface is simpler to wash using a mop and broom, an easy sweep is not sufficient to remove the dirt and dirt that’s trapped deep in the wood. So long as people walk in the ground, or any flooring surface general, particles will last to slip through the cracks. Every so often a heavy wash is required to extract those challenging to attain particles and provide it with a more good-as-new look.
See the Shine
Our state of the art components will probably be certain that you dig deep in your face and remove any germs. This way it’s possible to delight in bringing back the gorgeous wood that was there before. Later, our tech will then use a coating of gloss which will keep your flooring for those decades to come. From such protectants, it’s possible to select satin, semi-gloss, as well as non-meat. Your house’s hardwood flooring will seem as though it was only installed.
Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Since we respect our clients and we strive to create long-term relationships, your absolute satisfaction is the principal aim. In the interests of making sure satisfaction, we supply a 30-day, 100% blank warranty: If you are not 100% satisfied with our job, contact us within 30 days of your project’s conclusion, and we’ll cheerfully update your service entirely free. That is our personal guarantee to you.

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We Value the Customer’s Time As Much As We Do Ours. Timely Delivery Of Quality Services Is What We Strive For
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Trained Staff

Professional cleaning delivered by experienced hands. Our workforce comprises of only experienced individuals
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Flexi Schedules

Regular cleaning routines or an on-demand cleanup drill, we render as per your convenience.

Customers reviews

I have used Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners multiple times and I really enjoy working with them. The cleaners are always pleasant and clean in a timely manner. Booking is always easy and my home looks fabulous after each service.
Martin Rodriguez
Extremely thorough service. Level of work done was surprisingly good! Apartment walkthrough directly after cleaning service was exceptionally smooth. Should I need it I'll happily choose Denver cleaning service again!
Donald Baker
This is my second experience with the BHC and their quality cleanings are consistently amazing in every aspect a professional service can be. I will definitely continue to use them for future cleanings.
Virginia Kelly
Young Mother
Excellent Company, very prompt service, reasonably priced. good honest people striving to make the world a cleaner place..one house at a time 🙂 Would utilize services again and recommend to a friend
Kathryn Bradley
Wedding Planner
We are so happy with the service and the results. Adam was thorough and professional and answered all questions. We will definitely use Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners again in the future for our carpets and tile cleaning/sealing.
Helen Arnold
Fashion Designer
I’ve used Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners twice and they deliver a great product. We had a few pet stains on our rug that they did an admirable job removing. Will definitely request future services.
Randy Wells

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Beverly Hills Carpet Cleaners — Our Philosophy

At Beverly Hills Carpet cleaners, we believe in putting the client first. That is why we offer the same degree of service we would expect if we had been engaging a contractor to deal with these solutions for our home or company. Whether you need upholstery cleaning for one seat or have a houseful of job that has to be performed, we welcome your small business. We continuously strive to deliver the very best service possible and hope that if you’re delighted with our job, you may inform others about our professionalism and the high quality and dependability of the services.